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Backyard storage / workspace.  20' long X 8' wide and 8' high using a one trip shipping container. Janus  8' wide x 6.5' high roll-up door and one 17.5" wide x 23.5" high vinyl window. Original interior and exterior paint with some scratching and dents.  Operable end doors.  Paint options available, please contact us for details.

20' x 8' Garden Shop / Shed

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Introducing our refurbished shipping containers with a 20-year limited manufacturer's warranty against water leaks originating in the exterior shell of the connex box.

    Coverage: The warranty covers any water leaks that occur due to manufacturing defects or faulty materials in the connex box.

    Duration: The warranty is valid for 20 years from the date of purchase.

    Limited warranty: The warranty is limited, meaning that it will cover defects in materials and workmanship and not damage caused by external factors such as weather, accidents, or misuse.

    Manufacturer's responsibility: The manufacturer will take responsibility for repairing or replacing any parts that are found to be defective, at no cost to the customer.

    Exclusions: The warranty has certain exclusions, such as (i) damage caused by improper installation or modification of the container (ii) improper maintenance including failure to maintain proper sealants and coatings, and (iii) doors and windows beyond the original warranty provided by manufacturer of doors and windows.


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