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Econohomes started in 2022 as a worker owned cooperative named Six22 Steel Spaces. Our workers are master fabricators and builders who take great pride in the spaces that we build.

We initially made offices, workshops and utility sheds from used shipping containers by first restoring to usable condition.  Once restored, we converted the containers into beautiful steel spaces. We mastered the technology of building with containers and moved on to building homes.


In 2024 we are renaming from 622 Steel Spaces to Econohomes to focus on building homes and communities.   Our homes will be very livable at 1,000 to 1,400 sf and will be priced from $85,000 to $185,000.

We proudly live and work in historic Goliad county Texas.  


Our mission is to deliver great buildings from recycled shipping containers and supportive communities for retired active adults.

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Tom and Diane moved from Austin to their family land in Goliad in 2019 to build a farm and to develop homes for seniors.  Their vision for Perdido Creek is to create an intentional and inclusive community.

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